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Our Expertise & Service

Software Design & Developments

Server Setup/Management & Virtual Assistant Services

. ICT Advisory and Consultancy

Web Application Design & Developments(Android & IOS)

Network and Facilities Management Services

ICT Security Management Services

Data Warehousing & Archiving & Recovery

Digital Marketing Solutions

Digital Identity & Graphical Solution

Security Camera Surveillance System

Professional & Academic ICT Skills Development Training

Website Design Developments

Hitech NetCommunication Specialties:

In this organization, there are highly skilled consultant and experienced team according to particular sector.

Hitech Netcommunication deal with the knowledge of the institutional aspects of ICT integration in teaching, educational planning, as well as some didactic aspects in the context of ICT integration. The analysis of the answers was conducted following a multidimensional approach. Thus, thanks to a Factorial Analysis of Multiple Correspondence (FAMC), we were able to identify the most discriminating factors in the integration of ICT and their order of importance

Hitech Netcommunication  has highly
experience, skilled and competent staff for running research and implementing
every  projects. Like Hardware and Software relate work.

i. Feasibility of the software for fulfilling agency’s need;.
ii. Type of application to be used; desktop application, web based application or server
iii. Operating System platform the software to be developed is to run on.
iv. Integration with the existing systems (if any).
v. Database to be used by the application.
vi. Compatibility with existing and future hardware and software platforms.
vii. Speed of development.
viii.Performance of compiled code or programming tools to be used.
ix. Portability; can the application developed be used in an operating systems other than the
one in which it was created without requiring major rework.

Expertise Rating
Implantation wise ICT Program Divisions:
ERP Software 49%
Website Design & Developments 30%
Server & Network Managements 20%
Training & Youth Dev 20%

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We are proud to be able to deliver successfully to more than 1000 clients at home and abroad.

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